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Happy With Our Services? Write a Testimonial!


Sambor Roofing invites you to submit your testimonials as to the quality of our work on your property. Happy or unhappy, we want to hear from you! Whether it’s a rave review or constructive criticism, we are glad to receive your honest opinion of our services. Consider these questions when writing your testimonial:


  • Did the quality of our work meet your expectations?
  • Were we courteous and efficient?
  • Did we keep a safe, clean worksite?


Your testimonials can only help us to improve our service. They are much appreciated!


We Value Your Feedback


Please fill out the eform below. In the comment box, tell us a little about your experience with Sambor Roofing. We appreciate any feedback you can give. Clicking “yes” on the permission button gives us the permission to publish your testimonial on our website. Thank you for choosing Sambor Roofing!




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